Verhey Visuals
We are a startup
design studio.

A Netherlands based visual agency making brands unforgettable in a sea of similar designs.

Behind Verhey Visuals...

Serra Verhey

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Serra is a 27 y/o graphic designer original from Utrecht, Netherlands. With a background in Design (Utrecht) and Communication (Den Haag), she gets her energy from being creative. Serra has a sensitivity to the depths of colour, and understands their effects on emotions. Beyond her work, Serra’s heart lies in exploration. Her love for immersing herself in diverse cultures has shown her that, despite our differences, humanity shares one special common thread. Traveling is where Serra finds her greatest one-of-a-kind inspiration.

Bhaskar Gupta

New Delhi, India

Bhaskar is a 26 y/o Tech-savvy, Brand Growth Enthusiast and Marketer with cross-functional, cross-industry work experience. He has experience in managing the digital marketing ecosystem and enhancing brand’s presence across channels. He loves chasing hills, places of adventure, and playing cricket. Music is something that fuels Bhaskar to stay creative and serve people to change lives.

The best part..

Bhaskar and Serra vibe so much as they both are funny, have similar growth mindset, music lover and passionate about the design industry. Despite being located in different parts of world, their individual bond is so strong that resonates with the harmonious thought “World is a family’ and thus Verhey Visuals knows no boundaries.